Our Founder 

Margarita Barrios Ponce is a strategic and visual communicator driven to craft messages that reach and move our client’s most desired audiences. As a communications professional for over 20 years she combines, extensive experience in Strategy, Branding and Design to offer clients a clear methodology and a product that is both comprehensive and scalable. Throughout her career she has worked with clients ranging from large institutions to small organizations to innovative businesses across a broad spectrum of industries.

Margarita brings a savvy combination of strategic insight, creative thinking, and management skills to each project, developing the process and ideas to make each initiative a success. She is also a devoted client advocate, always developing methods to better serve their needs through research, strategy, creative, implementation and evaluation. Additionally, she understands the importance of developing comprehensive and effective staff training tools and institutional vehicles to educate and communicate with constituents and key stakeholders.

As a longtime Boston resident she is committed to the State of Massachusetts and the City of Boston, always exploring ways of supporting important social issues through civic involvement, offering counsel on effective communication strategies and developing innovative collaborations in our community. She has served on the Board of Directors of several local and national organizations, such as Roca, Inc., a nationally recognized organization committed to helping disenfranchised and disengaged youths by preparing them for self-sufficiency in society.

Margarita completed her undergraduate work with Magna Cum Laude honors at the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati and earned her graduate degree from Yale University. Margarita is committed to advancing the communication field and nurturing socially minded individuals and for over 18 years has been a faculty member at Northeastern University.

Our Values 

Plural was founded on three interdependent principles that describe the nature of our work and what it can accomplish for you: Access, Responsibility and Innovation.

Access: Is about open and consistent communication. It is about reaching out, giving audiences a glimpse into your work and making their role in your world abundantly clear. It is about providing information and opportunity consistently to anyone, from your workforce to the most relevant audiences. And most importantly, it is about opening minds to visualize new possibilities.

Responsibility: Is about transparency and implementation. It is about clarifying roles internally so one can best reach others externally. It is about devising ways of personalizing institutional goals, creating advocates for the mission and bringing your vision to life for those you serve. It goes beyond understanding your audience’s expectations and actually delivering on their needs. It is about articulating your value, to yourself and others. It is about checking in to make sure you continue to do so.

Innovation: Is simplicity and creativity in solving problems. It is about crafting real solutions to unique issues. It is about believing that problems can be approached differently, better, deeper without making the outcome longer, more costly or boring. It is about understanding the facts and customizing a response. It is about rejecting formulaic, band-aid approaches that ignore your uniqueness and landscape. It is about tapping into creative energy, effectiveness and the element of surprise.