Strategic Objective: Corporate & Social Responsibility

Alexion is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on developing life-changing therapies for people living with rare disorders. Alexion knows the important role that employees play in executing Corporate & Social Responsibility initiatives. As a result, this global company invested time and effort to cultivate its vibrant volunteering culture.

Centralizing communications and enabling teams around the world to customize local initiatives is a central part of this work. Together, we developed the tools necessary for meaningful engagement, ranging from volunteering platforms to Global Week of Service campaigns. Through these assets, employees could identify their interests, join forces, take action, and reflect on their work.

Brand Strategy, Messaging, Design, Visual Identity, Campaigns, Print, Screen, 3D, Environmental, Video, Motion

Alexion Care Act Repeat Logo. Plural Brand Strategy and Design.
Alexion Global Week of Service Posters. Plural Brand Strategy and Design
Alexion Global Week of Service Banners. Plural Brand Strategy and Design
Alexion Global Week of Service Participants. Plural Brand Strategy and Design

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Photo Credits: Louis Reed, Zach Vessels, CDC, Anthony Tran, Malik Skydsgaard, Diane Serik, Hillshire Farm, Vivek Kumar, YY TEOH, Katherine Hanlon, Humberto Chavez Margarita Barrios Ponce