Brandeis University

Strategic Objective: Integrated Marketing & Recruitment

Brandeis University sought to increase the number of Brandeis Summer School attendees and further explore growth areas. Our goal was to optimize existing marketing channels, implement off-season continuity, and raise visibility.

Together we developed a central blog and contact database, new creative assets, statistical benchmarks, online engagement strategies, and executed outreach to relevant audiences. These efforts have resulted in significant enrollment growth year over year and a seasonal to year-round engagement shift.

We have also created related print and digital projects for high school, summer, and life-long learning programs.

Brand Strategy, Research, Positioning, Audience Segmentation, Messaging, Online & Offline Marketing, Design, Visual Identity, Campaigns, Print, Screen, 3D

Brandeis University Summer Logo. Plural Brand Strategy and Design

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Photo Credit: Tom Kates Margarita Barrios Ponce