Strategic Objective: Internal Culture & Engagement

Immunogen develops precise and targeted cancer therapies and is driven to keep this disease from disrupting someone’s life. This innovative work is carried out by all the hard-working individuals that work for this company.

Our work focuses on communication strategies that support existing employees, celebrate the patient-centric culture, and help recruit new people as the company grows. Together we’ve developed assets that enliven environmental spaces, communication initiatives that bring people together, crafted a suite of customizable materials, and captured the stories of the patients that make this work so rewarding.

Brand Strategy, Messaging, Design, Visual Identity, Campaigns, Print, Screen, 3D, Environmental, Video, Motion, Consulting, Stakeholder Engagement

ImmunoGen More Good Days. Plural Brand Strategy and Design.

Environments & Events

Templates & Customization

Motion & Video

Photo Credit: Leise Jones Margarita Barrios Ponce