Museum of Science, Boston

Strategic Objective: Capital Campaign & Philanthropy

The Museum of Science is a beloved and innovative Boston institution. As a key partner to the Museum of Science during its first-ever comprehensive capital campaign, we developed a strategic communications road map with both digital and analog materials to frame a transformational and emboldened vision for the institution. Our approach included everything from a thematic magazine to targeted materials featuring informal education, curriculum development, and ongoing events to promote Advancement.

Brand strategy, creative concepts, and execution provided the foundation and evolving framework of inspirational communications that captured the vision and passion of what philanthropy could bring to the Museum of Science. Together, working toward a successful $250,000,000 capital campaign.

Brand Strategy, Positioning, Messaging, Design, Visual Identity, Campaigns, Advertising, Print, Publications, Screen, Web, 3D, Environmental, Communication Audit, Team & Art Direction

Supporting a Culture of Philanthropy
Musem of Science Boston Capital Campaign Advertisement. Plural Brand Strategy and Design

Campaign Touchpoints


Photo Credits: Tom Kates, Pat Piasecki Margarita Barrios Ponce