Revolutionary Spaces

Strategic Objective: Organizational Naming & Positioning

Revolutionary Spaces connects people to the history and continuing practice of democracy through an encounter with two of the nation’s most important Revolutionary sites – The Old South Meeting House and Old State House. Revolutionary Spaces came about as a merger between the Bostonian Society and Old South Association, the original caretakers of these revolutionary sites. This new organization needed to reach audiences authentically and with an anti-colonization perspective toward events, history, and collections.

Together we executed a branding and positioning strategy, a naming effort, and developed a thoughtful and inclusive brand. The work inspires participation by engaging in revealing voices and unfolding the layers of Boston’s history while fostering democratic inquiry through place-based learning.

Brand Strategy, Research, Positioning, Audience Segmentation, Messaging, Organizational Naming, Design, Visual Identity, Branding, Guidelines, Print, Screen, 3D, Environmental, Communication Audit

Revolutionary Spaces Logo. Plural Brand Strategy and Design.

Organizational Brand

External Visibility

Site Programming & Sub-brands

Photo Credits: Adrianne Mathiowetz, Tom Kates, Nico Marks, Jonas Geschke, Marlon Josué, Nathan Dumlao, Product School Margarita Barrios Ponce